10 Ways To Smuggle Your Tampons


This is the new age ladies, no need to carry around a diaper bag in order to conceal your humongoloid feminine products whenever it’s that time of the month. Thanks to U by Kotex*, tampons are smaller, sleeker and just more fashionable. But like any trendy lady, our secrets are the sexiest part of our day. Here are 10 ways to sneak your tampons, even if you don’t have to.

This post was sponsored by U by Kotex*.

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    • Niki

      I’ll be honest – i really don’t understand the need for an adult woman to smuggle her tampons at all. women have periods, its no secret.

      • superjack

        I think it’s pretty clear this post isn’t serious.

        I agree that no one should feel embarrassed about menstruating (sorry, 12-year-old boys!) but, still, it’s not like I tape my tampons to my chest or anything.