How To Dress Like A Mob Wife

Perhaps you’re tired of your old wardrobe, and you’re looking to spruce it up a bit. Maybe you want to do that by trying to dress more like you’re married to a member of the mafia. If so, take a look at this supercut (and then some of our favorite stills from it) of mob wives throughout cinematic and television history, created by the people at WORN Fashion Journal, and get schooled. (Hint: what you’re about to embark on involves a lot of animal references, and in many cases actual animals.)

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    • porkchop

      Yes! That was awesome. I’m so glad they got Miller’s Crossing AND Married to the Mob in there–both brilliant Mafia bride fashion statements.

      And that shot of Ginger’s red french manicure in Casino! I love that. Sharon Stone was so great in that movie. She had such a great chinchilla, too.