Why Is This 12-Year-Old Girl’s Dress So Offensive?

Iris Frost, daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law, is at the center of a deeply silly controversy. Mother and daughter sat frontrow at Vivienne Westwood while attending London Fashion Week yesterday and, apparently unbeknowst to either of them, 12-year-old Iris’ white dress was emblazoned with rude phrases like, “Blow Me,” “Drink Poison,” “Choke,” “Eat Shit,” and “Please Drown,” among others:

We’re not sure who exactly this offended (or, honestly, why) but Sadie Frost felt obligated to explain on Twitter, ”I seem to have upset people & am shocked myself about the dress Iris wore to Vivienne Westwoods show. Iris had been bought it as a present,” then added, “i assumed it was just the sayings the sweets have on them. I’m sorry for any upset it may have caused..Iris is a sweet, innocent girl.”


(Photos via Tiskin and Getty)

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    • Danielle

      LOL That’s my kinda girl! Awesome dress.

    • Olivia Moore

      This dress is pretty hilarious. The only qualm I have is that the first saying I saw is “Blow Me” which is a little much for a child’s dress… but otherwise…. LOL! I would totally wear this dress.

      • bailey

        Yeah, that one is pretty over the top, but you know what….we truly have no idea what these kids are saying to each other right now. And if we think back, we weren’t much different when we were young. People always think the worst of next generation instead of thinking of the ways they expressed themselves when they were young, whether it be through their music or their writings. So people need to calm down, there’s no need to panic…this has been sufficiently run into the ground.

    • Siylii

      I find it amusing (if quite sad) that people care enough that they are applauding such a young girl wearing such a mean dress. People hate the Jersey Shore cast, but apparently praise the potential early signs of a personality disorder. Not only are we allowing children to do whatever they want and praise them for it, but apparently now we’re rewarding them for poor choices.

      • bailey

        Lighten up, there’s no early signs of personality disorder by her wearing this dress. Geez, get hysterical much?

    • Elizabeth

      I think I need shopping info for that dress.

      • Cate

        I second that!

      • bailey

        I’ll take one too, please.

      • JudeLawGuardian

        Nope–you won’t. They don’t sell it any more.XD

      • JudeLawGuardian


    • EC

      Are you all effing kidding me? The girl is 12! Not a one of you is a parent — yet. And when or if you become one you will be appalled that you thought this was awesome. What’s funny is that you guys think you’re being ‘liberated’ when all you’re really being are tools.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        So people who aren’t parents can’t have opinions about anything involving underage individuals? Your comment is a hell of a lot more offensive than anything on this dress.

      • Brooke

        Jessica, she’s just saying your opinion will prob change. And I agree. At first the dress was cute, until I thought about my twelve year old sister wearing it. When you actually consider that it’s a child and not just an underage adult, then yeah, maybe everyone who thinks it’s ‘awesome and badass’ will have a change of heart.

      • candice

        And my opinion is, so what? It’s her choice. Neither mother nor daughter are evil people. And I’m not a tool, thank you please. Offensive much?

    • bailey

      I agree with the writer and some of you all……this was NOBODY’s business, and she certainly didn’t need her picture plastered everywhere over this (yes) very silly business (including here, sorry)…I’m sure the girl is very embarrassed, suffering it at a much wider scale than is normal. The dress, quite frankly, is simply being ironic towards the sickly sweet love hearts that abound every Valentine’s Day. It’s not that big of a deal, people, and NO, this is not a sign of a “personality disorder”….get a grip if you please. From all accounts I’ve heard, Iris is a polite, respectful, well-mannered child. I think she’s going to be okay, and her mother is not a villain.

      • Danielle

        In addition, she’s attending “fashion week” not church or school or a family get together. It’s all about context.

      • bailey

        Seriously, I agree. They need to leave the girl alone. Some of the reaction of commenters has been far more hideous and rude than anything she has on her dress. Not to mention potentially traumatizing to a girl who was doing nothing to anybody but enjoying an exciting experience with her mother. Shame on everyone!

    • bailey

      Also, to the writer Ashley Cardiff, Iris is Iris LAW, not Iris Frost. I’ve never seen her name printed as Iris Frost. : )

      • Ashley Cardiff

        My mistake.

    • SA

      This dress is BADASS!
      I would’ve been grounded if this dress was to come into our house… But front row at Fashion week in London on a 12 year old celeb’s daughter is just so rebellious! To top it off, it comes off sweet and innocent and it’s down right beastly with words you don’t expect!
      Now that’s when you ask the designer of Iris’ dress… “What was your inspiration?”, “or should I say, Who was your inspiration?”

    • MM

      Pretty sure it’s an appropriate dress to see a Vivienne Westwood show…

    • cinta

      they discontinued selling this dress :( but the site to buy it was iheartdropdead.com :)

    • Katie

      I think this dress is great for her age, it isnt offensive to anyone and she looks cute! She is a 12yr old attenting a fashion show so she has to show off! Come on guys lighten up!
      Nicola Chapman

      • paj

        “isn’t offenseve to anyone”? IT IS VERY OFFENSIVE TO ME!
        If she uses that language in school she would be sent home. And if the mother finds it offensive enough to post an apology, even she finds it offensive.
        Until I READ what were on the pastel hearts, I thought it was cute. But had the people running the show had bothered to READ it, they would not have let her in. Tell me the last time you went to a show were someone wore a T-shirt emblazoned with any kind of hate speach and was allowed to sit on the first row?
        And if this web-site even bothers to comment on it, the writers HERE found it offensive! Those who think this kind of hate speach is OK are certainly in the minority, even here on a site that has no problem with a pregnant nude modeling a hat.
        Even my Marine son is embarassed by this kind of speach, to the point he stopped a Skype because his room-mates were using it while he was trying to talk with us.
        Definately offensive and inappropriate. Time for you to grow up!

    • Erin

      What are you all thinking?! This dress is completely inappropriate for someone her age.

    • kat

      beautiful girl. fabulous dress. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I started being a wiseass much earlier than 12!!!!

    • Eleanor’s Revolt

      This dress says “Fat Butt” and “Blow Me” on it. I don’t know but there is no way in hell my Mother would have ever let me out of the house wearing those words on my chest when I was 12. I think Mommy needs to pay a little more attention to the gifts her child is given. Yikes!

      • candice

        But did your mummy let you out of the house looking like Madonna “like a virgin” or in a mini-dress? I’m sure grandma didn’t approve.

    • sweetpea

      Im a bit freaked out by the fact that so many people think this dress is ok for a child to wear! Just because we suspect and know that children say these things to each other, it doesnt mean that we condone or encourage it. `Blow me, choke, please drown`….nice. If an adult wore this dress id wonder what the heck was wrong with them. and i think twice before letting my kid over to this kid`s house. If her mother thinks the dress is ok what else is she alright with??

      • candice

        Hysterical much? You don’t think your little angel uses this language? You keeping her away from someone’s house isn’t going to fix that. Kids are going to be kids and rebel in their way. Iris is a well-adjusted, polite child who is wearing an ironic and edgy dress that is perfectly okay for a fashion show.
        Go Iris! You are doing ok.

      • JudeLawGuardian

        Oblivious much? Either you don’t have kids or you’re Sadie Frost posing as someone else. Can’t wait to see what kind of a whore your kid turns out to be.

      • JudeLawGuardian

        You’re talking about a woman who screws men young enough to be her oldest son–and does it while her children are in the house. She lets them live in her basement of the house she and the kids occupy. Nice parenting skills to be sure.

    • Gill

      Imagine all the sickos out there getting a rush over this young girl in a most unfortunately chosen dress! Pick up your act as a parent Ms Frost.

    • Worsh Ipnogod

      I´m certainly old enough to be able to have a matured opinion; yet I choose not to! Had I a daughter with “balls” to wear a dress like that, I´d be so proud I´d spontaneously combust!

      Hate speech? BS. This girl shows a big finger to everything “appropriate” defined by smallminded wannabe-do-as-i-say-losers!

      So thank you for making my day Iris, keep on the good work! You´ve got serious admirer from Finland, at your service, fair maid :)

    • DropDeadLove

      People should just leave her alone… Im 13, and when I showed my mom this dress she agreed they shouldn’t of banned it, and she said she would let me wear this. I know parents are different, but lighten up ! Who cares if it has some crude language ?! And this dress was discontinued, thats really the only reason I’m pissed with this. But seriously, its a freaking awesome dress. Who cares if has bad language?

      • JudeLawGuardian

        I’m glad you’re pissed and I’m even happier that they discontinued this piece of crap dress. You’re not old enough to have an opinion on it.

    • JudeLawGuardian

      God, I hope her whore mother doesn’t end up turning Iris into a Mini-Me version of herself. She’s ruining this kid and probably the other 2; her oldest one is kind of out of anyone’s control at this point and he’s not much to speak of, so…. I fear for this one. Psycho Sadie is anything but “Mother of the Year” material—this just continues to prove it.