DIY Hair: Heidi Braids In 3 Easy Steps

I’ve got a curly mane that doesn’t ask for more than a wash every other day and a comb through with my fingers as I’m running out the door. Even though I am blessed with my low maintenance hair (because it will always look crazy and I have embraced that) (also, I’m lazy), I still find myself arriving at work to realize, damn, I forgot to shower, again.

…But have no fear! A few bobby pins–and maybe some mini-deodorant–can make it seem like you planned the Heidi look all along.

Heidi braids made the rounds this summer (as they, inevitably, do every summer), appearing as intricately-woven runway dos and dotting red carpets in more elegant, updated styles. I particularly like the Olsens’ strung-out greek goddess look.

I think they look best a bit messy (Ed. Note: Agreed!), when your hair hasn’t been washed in a while, and can find peace just nesting, unfussily, on top of your head. Here are 3 easy steps to getting Heidi Braids without having to really look in the mirror. Let’s begin.


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    • Kristina

      I have hair just almost exactly like yours! Which means I will pester you because yours looks gorgeous and mine is often frizzy and yuck and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT EVER.

      If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of shampoo/conditioner/styling product(s) do you use? It would be truly lovely if I could just tousle it when waking up and my curls wouldn’t look like half of them got ironed by my face while I slept…

      • Kate Messinger

        Curly ladies got to stick together!
        Thank you so much for the compliments…Here is what I do to try to stay out of the frizz zone. But of course weather , or laziness, wins every once in a while and I fall back on the braids or a big hat.
        I try to wash my hair in the morning and leave it to air dry for maximum bounce because I find that if I sleep on it wet it will look like I accidentally ironed half of my head.
        I use a shine enhancing shampoo, like Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda, and a moisture rich conditioner (I really love Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle).
        I towel dry and put some curly cream stuff in it, I use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious and scrunch for a bit but then try not to touch it until it’s dry. The next day I’m usually pretty limp (my hair that is…) and I put a little mouse or curly cream to boost it up, or wear a high pony tail for an hour and take it out to get volume.

        Wow, writing this all down makes me realize I guess I do do more of a hair routine then I thought, but all of this really only takes a second. I never had the patience to straighten or blow dry.

        Good luck an let me know how it goes!!!

      • Kristina

        Thank you so much!! I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair long when I was younger (long story) so I don’t have the years of testing during my teens as a basis for figuring out what to do with ALL OF THIS CURL. So I always ask and try new things (in moderation, of course) anytime I see someone with admirable curls! I will try a few recommendations you listed (especially that ponytail trick for volume!) and will continue trolling the site for tips. :) Also, I’m super excited to see that you have bangs! Everyone always says bangs and curly hair don’t get along, but I now have proof that this is not true! I plan on harassing a hair dresser to gimme some bangs soon.

    • Jane Trombone

      I love curly hair but you need to know how to dry it firstly, people scrunch it and it just makes it frizzy. I got a great tip from this famous hairstylist who does celebrity hair. Nicolas Jurnjack, he has a blog I also like to use pure argan oil when the hairs wet.