DIY Hair: Heidi Braids In 3 Easy Steps

STEP 2: Pin

Pull one of the  pigtails up across the crown of your head and pin it to one side. There’s no need to pull the braids tight, but it might take a few pins on each braid to keep them steady.  Take the other pigtail and lay it over the already pinned braid. Tuck and pin the end of the second pigtail under the first, still keeping it loose.

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    • Kristina

      I have hair just almost exactly like yours! Which means I will pester you because yours looks gorgeous and mine is often frizzy and yuck and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT EVER.

      If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of shampoo/conditioner/styling product(s) do you use? It would be truly lovely if I could just tousle it when waking up and my curls wouldn’t look like half of them got ironed by my face while I slept…

      • Kate Messinger

        Curly ladies got to stick together!
        Thank you so much for the compliments…Here is what I do to try to stay out of the frizz zone. But of course weather , or laziness, wins every once in a while and I fall back on the braids or a big hat.
        I try to wash my hair in the morning and leave it to air dry for maximum bounce because I find that if I sleep on it wet it will look like I accidentally ironed half of my head.
        I use a shine enhancing shampoo, like Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda, and a moisture rich conditioner (I really love Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle).
        I towel dry and put some curly cream stuff in it, I use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious and scrunch for a bit but then try not to touch it until it’s dry. The next day I’m usually pretty limp (my hair that is…) and I put a little mouse or curly cream to boost it up, or wear a high pony tail for an hour and take it out to get volume.

        Wow, writing this all down makes me realize I guess I do do more of a hair routine then I thought, but all of this really only takes a second. I never had the patience to straighten or blow dry.

        Good luck an let me know how it goes!!!

      • Kristina

        Thank you so much!! I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair long when I was younger (long story) so I don’t have the years of testing during my teens as a basis for figuring out what to do with ALL OF THIS CURL. So I always ask and try new things (in moderation, of course) anytime I see someone with admirable curls! I will try a few recommendations you listed (especially that ponytail trick for volume!) and will continue trolling the site for tips. :) Also, I’m super excited to see that you have bangs! Everyone always says bangs and curly hair don’t get along, but I now have proof that this is not true! I plan on harassing a hair dresser to gimme some bangs soon.

    • Jane Trombone

      I love curly hair but you need to know how to dry it firstly, people scrunch it and it just makes it frizzy. I got a great tip from this famous hairstylist who does celebrity hair. Nicolas Jurnjack, he has a blog I also like to use pure argan oil when the hairs wet.