Ciara’s Extreme Ombre Hair: How Do You Feel?

Singer Ciara was recently spotted with this extreme ombre do — totally blonde on the bottom, totally dark on the top. She manages to pull off the look, but more than that, she does so under the most challenging fashion circumstances imaginable: while also wearing Daisy Dukes. Ombre hair, you see, runs the risk of looking trashy if done incorrectly. And Daisy Dukes are the same way. So to put the two together and have it work (which, in my opinion, Ciara did)? That is a serious trend accomplishment.

What do you think?

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    • misenhammer

      Ew. I just don’t think really blond hair on the bottom with really dark hair on top will ever, ever, ever look good. It will always, always look like roots that have grown out, and possibly even look greasy when they’re not just because of the stark color difference. It’s just. Ugly.

    • Valerie

      Nope, still trashy.