Gallery: Kate Moss Gets Sacrilegious In The March Issue Of W

Following the impressive teasers that were released two weeks ago, W has delivered on the promise of an amazing editorial featuring Kate Moss in all her spooky glory. Wearing awe-inspiring creations by the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, and Commes Des Garcons, Moss inhabits the good girl/bad girl theme so beautifully that you almost forget it’s one of the most clichéed (and sometimes damaging) ways of looking at women that exists. That said, it dovetails nicely with Kate’s public persona, because just like those caught up in the virgin/whore dichotomy, Kate Moss is not a real, complete person to us. Unlike many celebrities, she’s withheld enough of herself from view over the years that we can still project whatever fantasies we like onto her, which I believe accounts for a great deal of her effectiveness as a model, as well as journalists’ utter inability to write anything but shallow puff pieces about her. Well played, Kate Moss. Well played.

(Photos by Steven Klein)

(Via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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