Total Shocker: Beer Advertisements Are Sexist Garbage

A feminist group in Australia is upset that an ad for Tui Brewery depicted women “as just a collection of body parts, it’s saying that it is ok to value women on how they look.”  The ad in question shows an attractive group of women working for the brewery, but outsmarted by some idiotic manchildren who sneak in to steal beer.

As a woman who used to work for the beer industry, I have to say….. Good luck. Call me part of the problem, but getting mad at a beer company for using hot women in their advertisements is like getting mad at them for, I don’t know, making beer. It’s part of what they do.

Do I wish that things could be different? Sure. Do I value companies that refuse to use half-naked women to promote their product? Definitely. Do I expect Bud Light to stop putting girls in bikinis on their billboards? Not in the least.

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    • El

      I dunno. I work in a brewery as well, and (luckily,) the last advertisement the guys here would use would be something like this. We had a painted pin-up girl for one beer, but even then, it was on the classic pin-up level.

      Beer’s not just for guys.

    • 89

      yes, let’s just sit around and do nothing. How about you go back to bitching about your stupid fertility problems on your mommy blog and stop spouting your stupid opinions here, please.

      • Nancy

        Who put sandpaper on your toilet seat?

    • Cranberry

      Yeah, well, it’s passive attitudes like this one that stop change from happening.

      • Kj


      • Abby


    • Ange

      Psst, it’s New Zealand, not Australia ;-)

      • Arnie

        Was just about to ask if Oz has Tui too. Best be careful not to confuse the two.

        They’ve been doing ads like this for years, and are deliberately overly sexist about it. It’s part of the kiwi humour, and I have to admit, I find a lot of their ads incredibly funny, especially the iconic Tui billboards.

    • Robbe smith

      These Girls are Looking so sexy and hot to promote a beer advertisement.

    • Nick

      My wife and I have this discussion way too often. She’ll point out that on the Super Bowl Sunday ads everyone was in an up-roar over Beckham’s shirtless attire but no one mentioned any of the scantly clad girls in the other commercials. I just shut up. She has a point.

    • MelvinJameson

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