Bro Hunting: How To Catch The Perfect Bro

Recently it’s become a great entertainment of mine to hunt a certain species of man. This practice is mostly humane, there are no sharp objects thrown, no insatiable screams of the wounded, no trophies to be mounted in a woodland estate. In fact, this sport has no consequence except a short-term confusion for the prey and long term gratification for the hunter.

The game is called Bro Hunting, and the playing field may change drastically based on your coordinates. For me, a Manhattan gal, I find them in the watering holes of Midtown sports bars or Murray Hill one bedrooms. For you, it may be college campuses, local pubs with big screen TVs, or lacrosse fields around the nation. Trust me, a Bro is never far away.

The Bro is a widely variable species, from college frat male to white collar banker man, he usually enjoys sports, drinking games, women in jeggings and Blackberry cell phones. This sport relies heavily on the wit and self-control of the hunter, an ability to be a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Here are a few tips for catching your own Bro, what you do with him is up to you.

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    • laurelei

      Gross! These are absolutely the worst kind of boys, note the operative word here being boys, not men. They are usually stupid, always rude, never as good looking as they think they are and horribly self centered . The fact that they call themselves “bros’ is utterly ridiculous and embarrassing to hear. The women they attract are the airhead types that think it’s sweet when the bros hold their hair back while they vomit on their own shoes after a night of shots at the sports bar. You can have them, I like real men.