Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Actress?

meryl streep young

You saw her at the 2012 Academy Awards last night.

It’s Meryl Streep, who just won the best actress award at the Academy Awards for The Iron Lady in a stunning turn of “things everyone was absolutely expecting for six months, now.” As Ashley and I discussed we have some qualms with the movie, but since we love Meryl Streep and I have this long, weird love affair going with Margaret Thatcher (that admittedly has more to do with her persona than her politics) well, here is a picture of Meryl in her Vassar days. Since we can’t comment on her inner beauty on the basis of this photo, we’ll just say, wow, her bone structure is stunning.

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    • MR

      Jennifer, I didn’t go see the movie, cause I thought your critique of it made a lot sense. I’m a solid Dem, but it seems her selection was a little politicized. Also happy Ashley posted a photo of Jane Seymour: ‘ Live and Let Die’ – the only good Roger Moore Bond film.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Wait – you weren’t into the campy miracle that is “Moonraker?” Jaws! Building a new uber-colony on the moon! Jaws!

        Dr. Holly Goodhead: You know him?
        James Bond: Not socially. His name’s Jaws, he kills people.

      • MR

        Yeah, I saw it and didn’t like it. Trust me if a woman walks up to me and tells me that’s her name. I’d say to myself: “What is this Hollywood? :) ‘Live and Let Die’ has everthing: Voodoo; Jane Seymour; Mardi Gras; Jane Seymour…hmm, I seemed to be stuck on something. Another reason why my friends and I would go into the Boerum Hill neighborhood. The movie theatres there would let us into an ‘R rated film’ when we weren’t 17. I was only 11 when I saw it the first time. Yeah, it made an impression on me.

      • MR

        Jennifer, now you got me curious again. Which is your favorite of the Connery Bond movies? Just checking and the Dow’s making an end-run to climb back over 13000 again, today.

      • Jennifer Wright

        On the record? Sean Connery. Today, tomorrow, forever.

        Off the record? I think the Roger Moore ones are by far the funniest and most enjoyable to watch because they’re so bad they’re good.

      • MR

        Hmm that’s funny. I never thought it about that way. Mine’s ‘From Russia with Love’. A Soviet woman. Like Rachel Weisz, in ‘Enemy at the Gates’.