The Only Photo Of Angelina Jolie At The Oscars You Need To See

This amazing image of Angelina Jolie is floating around Facebook at the moment without credit. Unless she has a better sense of humor than all of us, we’re guessing this is the work of some extremely wonderful Photoshop. Come forward, hero, so we can credit you.

UPDATE: We got you. Tumblrer Old Ghost gave this gift to the world.

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    • Cee

      This is probably how she will give birth to her next child.

    • PAJ

      This is a fake photo – Her entire body is turned so that she can show her Left thigh. If you take the time to examine the photo, the legs are mirror images, including the veins! And very few people can turn their legs to the degree the Right would have to be to make this photo with the balance of her body turned.

      • JK

        we know it’s a fake. that’s the whole point.

      • Kerry

        I can’t believe you even felt the need to say this is fake. Did you bother reading the description at all, where they said it was photoshop? You just lost the internet.

      • KK


    • Enjoy Leggs

      I think she pulled it off, Love the leg, (LEGS) , Who wouldn’t, … only someone jealous , …

      • leg and butt man

        Faboulous any way any time , …

    • Greg

      I’ve pulled better looking heads of of shrimp!