Poll: Did We See Jennifer Lopez’ Nipple At The Oscars Last Night?

When Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz came onstage to present together, the first thing I thought was, “Dear God, I wish Billy Crystal wouldn’t make sex jokes.”

The second thing I thought was, “holy shit, Jennifer Lopez is having a horrific, nightmare-ishly prolonged nipple slip in front of the whole entire world. They should have been introduced as ‘Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez’ nipple.’ This is really awkward and I feel very uncomfortable on her behalf.”

I wasn’t the only one to notice Areola Lopez, either — shortly after its alleged appearance, someone created a Twitter account called @jlosnipple, with the tag line “did you see me!?”

Of course, J. Lo’s stylist is on the defense this morning, saying that no such slip occurred:

Her stylist, Mariel Haenn, tells PEOPLE that Lopez’s custom Zuhair Murad gown featured special built-in cups that prevented any “slips” when she took the stage at the Hollywood and Highland Center with Cameron Diaz to honor the best in costume design and makeup.

“The dress fit perfectly to every inch,” she tells PEOPLE in a statement. “While the dress did give the illusion of sheer-ness, joke’s on everyone who wishes they saw something!”

So what do you think? Here’s another picture:

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Chloe

      Really? Who the hell even cares?

      • jo

        I’m with Chloe.

      • Holly

        What would you prefer a fashion blog to discuss? I’m sure they’re up for suggestions.

    • Anne

      The funniest thing here is that half the country has spent precious time on wondering whether or not they have seen the edge of the shadow of what might be a *gasp* nipple. The only thing that stands out to me after reading this, is that the cut out on the bottom picture makes Cameron Diaz’s cleavage look enormously interesting…

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        I don’t think it’s so much about “*gasp* nipple,” but rather “*gasp* nipple that she didn’t know was showing.” At least for me that’s what it’s about. I actually haven’t seen anyone flipping out about the nipple being inappropriate, but rather that it sucks to have body parts on display that you don’t know/mean to have on display.

    • Andy

      I called Nancy Grace about this, and she said it is a special tattoo women are starting to acquire, encircling their nipples to make a more exotic impression without having a Suburban full of religious police screech to a stop and attack wielding batons.

      So, like Nancy’s matronly halo that got us all jazzed, what you see is not what you got. ‘Just another fashion accessory.

      • Nancy

        lol. Please never stop commenting

    • John

      That’s not a nipple, people. That’s called aureola.

    • naoma

      Well, maybe or maybe not, but she surely exposed a lot of boob.

    • xavier

      It’s important because it is J. Lo, the sexiest woman alive. Any guy who doesn’t get excited about this or even smile’s is either gay or under 12 years old. They wouldn’t be able to embrace how special this is.