Gallery: What They Wore To The Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Probably the hottest ticket in town on Oscar night is the Vanity Fair afterparty: here’s what Salma Hayek, Katie Holmes, Zoe Saldana, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and a bunch of Sports Illustrated/Victoria’s Secret models wore!

(All photos voa Getty)

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    • Cee

      Was KarTRASHian invited? If so, thank you for not including her!

      Lily Collins is so beautiful! She reminds me of a sweeter, less exotic Camila Belle.

      The face on Terry’s companion is priceless! It’s as if shes JUST realized who she’s with.

      • Katie

        If I was Terry Richardson’s companion at a red carpet event, I’d be surprised/disgusted too!

    • vee

      lol Cassandra. I really liked Victoria Beckham’s dress & Cameron Diaz’s VB dress. and Elizabeth Olsen can do no wrong.

      @cee i saw a picture of what kartrashian was wearing last night and she looked pretty terrible. she’s really on her way out of relevancy/attractiveness

      • Cee

        I’m going to take a wild stab at it and say she wore something ridiculously tight to accentuate her “famous curves” and some tacky louboutins.

        And, Vee, lets hope she is on her way out of relevancy. I would have faith in humanity once more.

    • Geraldine

      I love how you gave up halfway through the slides. I don’t understand why so many of them have such unflattering, horrible dresses. I manage to dress myself withou the aid of oodles of $ and a stylist, why is it so impossible for them!?