Video: Are You In Love With Emma Stone? You Will Be After This

Not because of the dress. We’re kind of conflicted about Emma Stone‘s dress. But no matter. In case you did not see the Academy Awards last night, you missed another reason to be completely in love with Emma Stone, because she is fucking charming. Fortunately, it’s captured in this video. Watch it. Be charmed:

I mean, we could try to be iconoclasts here and say “if I’m at the Oscars I hope I’m cool and reserved and professional” but no. You would have to have a heart of stone not to love Emma Stone, especially after watching her as she makes fun of, well, mostly herself, really. However, as I know there might be dissenting opinion, I will include a poll:

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Kj

      Ha! Pleased to see my granite heart is not alone.

      Basically… it would have been cuter if it wasn’t obviously scripted.

      • misenhammer

        agreed. I was hoping for some spontaneous adorableness. Lots of not-particularly-charming people can act cute with a script.

    • Cee

      She’s cute and dorky, I have always loved her. Shes the beautiful Lindsay Lohan without a drug habit.

    • kdub

      I’d like to watch it but it says ‘This video is private.’

    • tl

      I’ve always kinda thought Lindsey Lohan handed her career to this girl. I’m jealous she got to kiss Ryan Gosling, that’s about it.