• Tue, Feb 28 2012

Kate Upton Sexily Consumes A Cheeseburger In Absurd Carl’s Jr. Commercial

Sports Illustrated‘s hot teenager Kate Upton has landed the most comically oversexed burger commercial in history: sure, Paris Hilton hosed herself down while eating Carl’s Jr and Kim Kardashian rolled around bedsheets in a nightie while pleasuring herself with their iceberg lettuce… but Kate Upton actually undoes her garter and takes out her bra.

Jesus Christ, you guys:

Here’s the commercial itself. It will probably make you feel a whole host of feelings, but chief among them should be, “I am glad to see someone had the bright idea of styling Kate Upton as a pin-up,” and then, “Why is the sandwich crunchy? What is wrong with the sandwich?!”

Watch, if you want to stave off your appetite:

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  • Kay

    I have never been more grossed out in my life.
    That sandwich looks disgusting

  • Cee

    I HATE Carls Jr commercials, they are so disgusting. I want to punch the guy that does the voice for them.

  • Kacie

    I don’t eat meat, but I could reconsider thanks to this commercial. I’m not a lesbian either – she looks amazing.

  • misenhammer

    … did she masturbate a little bit at the end there??

  • LindaMay

    Please copy & paste and sign this Petition to STOP Carl’s Jr. Sexist Commercial on Prime-time television where young children and impressionable teenagers/young adults (Their Number One Target) are being exposed to such immoral, sexually explicit content. And please share with all your friends and family. Together we can, and will make a difference. Thank You For Your Help!


  • Micheal

    I’m a real sexually open person but right when I saw this commercial I got disgusted. The ad writers for Carl’s Jr just go too far and it’s completely absurd.

  • Matt S.

    Yeah, it’s racy. You don’t like it don’t eat there. You people all sound incredibily uptight.

    • jrd

      “You don’t like it don’t eat there.”

      After I saw this commercial, that’s exactly what I did.

  • JimBo

    Best. Commercial. Ever.

  • numb nuts

    nothing like having sex with your food. What is WRONg with the Carl’s Jr people? Wait, I know, they are stupid, horney white men.