Katy Perry Looks Nothing Like Herself On The Cover Of Interview

Katy Perry is so glamorous and buxom and etc. on the cover of Interview‘s March issue… so glamorous and buxom and etc. that she looks like a different human being, maybe? What’s going on here: your run-of-the-mill bombshell cosplay (only this time it’s Raquel Welch and not Marilyn Monroe?!) or is this some undeniable digital manipulation?

(Photo via En Starz)

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    • Nancy

      Am I the only person who sees an Amy Winehouse impersonation ?

    • Robyn

      Looks like a very photoshopped Sharon Stone to me…

    • beanie

      @ Nancy-No, your not the only one. It’s the first thing I thought as well.

    • Vanessa Vieira

      I thought that was Elizabeth Hurley.

    • FUNNY

      Looks like no one I’ve seen..the eyes are telling tho.. closing thing would be Amy, but not exactly…all the other parts of the face are totally unrecognizable…but it still looks beautiful..

    • Casey

      I also kind of see a nod to Elizabeth Taylor.

    • Stella

      I would never in a million years have guessed that was Katy Perry. I can’t find one feature that looks like hers, except mayne the boobs.