Models Falling: After Multiple Spills, This Model At Anthony Vaccarello Needed Help

Everyone loves models falling, but one poor girl at Anthony Vaccarello needed some serious help. After tripping several times in her Giuseppe Zanotti heels on the runway, this young model got a hand from two fellow mannequins. Although it sucks she needed help for the final turn, it’s nice to think the modeling industry isn’t all ruthlessness and competition.

We like fashion for the human drama:

(Photos by Getty via Fashionista)

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    • Cee

      Instead of being all ruthless and competition its all diets and eating issues. It almost looks like shes a bit weak rather than having shoe issues.

    • Lisa

      They all look really, really, really uncomfortably thin.

    • kit

      I’m sorry because I know this sounds like bodysnarking, but the amount of bones on display here is disturbing. There’s nothing aspirational about these women, they look sick.

    • flo

      Um…some advice:
      1. Lay off the booze before you walk the runway
      2. Lay off the cocaine before you walk the runway
      3. Eat something before you walk the runway
      4. Be older than the age of 12, with the ability to walk in heels – before you walk the runway
      5. Maybe you really shouldn’t try to walk the runway