• Wed, Feb 29 2012

British GQ Publishes Comedy Issue With ‘Funnymen – And Olivia Wilde’

British GQ has released the iPad trailer for their April comedy issue, and – surprise! – it features a bunch of men and one token woman. The magazine writes on its website that, “To commemorate our Comedy Special, British GQ assembled the world’s top funnymen – and Olivia Wilde – and got them to beatbox, obviously (or in Wilde’s case, jiggle).”

Get it? A whole bunch of men – and one hot woman who doesn’t talk! In the video below, Paul Rudd, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais and a host of other dudes in suits promote the magazine by making noises with their mouths that are edited together to form a song (they don’t really “beatbox”).

Wilde, in turn, puts her hands on her tits and shakes them.


The whole thing would actually be less egregious if they had just left Wilde out of it. By including her, but only allowing her to shake her breasts in the name of a good laugh, it’s suggesting that a) there’s only one woman around who’s hilarious enough to be featured, and b) her tits are worth more than her sense of humor, anyway.

The only thing in which I take solace is that the video actually isn’t funny at all. In fact, in all of it’s minute and 48 seconds, it never comes close to being as hilarious as the two seconds of Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy pulling vodka out of their cleavage and doing shots when someone shouted “Scorsese!” at the Oscars.

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  • sheherbano

    for what it’s worth, i’m pretty sure olivia wilde’s cut was meant to be satire based on the trope of the “token sexy lady” – she’s not acting ‘sexy’ to complement the men’s ‘funny’, her act is meant to be part of the ‘funny’. i do agree it is actually not funny.