Poll: Tim Tebow And Taylor Swift Might Be Dating, How Do You Feel?

Recent reports out of the celebrity/pro-athlete world suggest that Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and country singer Taylor Swift may have gone on a dinner date last night. The pair were allegedly spotted at Toscanova Italian restaurant in L.A., and after the meal, Page Six reports that Tebow walked Swift out of the restaurant…then went back to join two other people who may or may not have been the duo’s agents.


Anyway, what do you think about this all-American pair? Too apple pie for your taste? Or a welcome change  from the whore-dom that is most famous couples?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Aj

      I wouldn’t care the least if it wasn’t for that fact we’re gonna have to hear about every move they make together. They’re annoying enough to hear about on their own.

    • Ally

      Oh boy, what a joyful combination of mind-numbingly boring and yet somehow annoying. Although he seems like the purity ring wearing type, while she seems like she just loves getting around but will sound appalled at the mere mention of the word sex.

      • Quin

        Hey, that’s two mind-numblingly boring and yet somehow annoying people who are now out of the dating pool! So I’m cool with it.

    • sarah

      Wait, Tim Tebow is GAY??

    • Devilman

      As long as you people spend your time worrying about “celebrities” lives then people will continue following them around and reporting on this kind of crap.