Ke$ha’s Metal Head Studs: How Do You Feel?

Singer Ke$ha has shaved the side of her head and replaced the one-time strands of hair with metal studs. See photo above.

So, let’s talk about this. I’ve never seen it done before. And while it’s obviously not something I’m going to replicate, I’ll say it — I don’t hate it. It’s kind of satisfying, actually, in a Tetris-y way. I like how unusual it is, and how it makes her look like some sort of surfer-girl-bot.

But along those same lines, this is what I’m trying to figure out — why is it that no matter what Ke$ha does, no matter how many studs she puts on her head or how much she sings about brushing her teeth with whiskey or how many pairs of pants she forgoes in favor of fishnets and underwear, she always looks like a sorority girl? This stud thing should be a pretty extreme aesthetic, but she appears to have done it on her way from the quad to her 1:20 chemistry class. I don’t understand how this is possible.

Your thoughts?

And also, how do you feel?

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      I want there to be an option for, “I find them off-putting.”

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Haha, I think you just created it. :)

      • Ninargh

        I do too. Do they like.. come off when she needs to sleep? What would happen if she rolled onto them in the night? It looks like it would be extremely uncomfortable – and NOTHING should inhibit some good sleep.

    • Fabel

      “This stud thing should be a pretty extreme aesthetic, but she appears to have done it on her way from the quad to her 1:20 chemistry class”


      I guess it’s just the way she looks? I don’t know, maybe if she actually shaved one entire side of her head and covered it in those things, it’d look properly extreme.

    • A

      I’m bothered by what looks like sloppy work – is it me or do these rows look really uneven? If you’re going to glue Platinum Edition Monopoly houses to your head, get yourself a straight edge or something. And a monocle.

    • RobynFan

      Robyn did a much better version of this back in 2008, and it looked great on her.

      Kesha’s looks a little… amateurish.

    • Quin

      I like the idea but not the execution…It does give me an idea for an awesome hair clip though!

    • Meredith

      I want some.

      • The realist

        It looks fucking dumb.

    • Cameron A.

      I wonder how will she sleep?

    • Cate

      I love them, but only because they remind me of Vyvyan’s forehead studs on The Young Ones.

    • holly

      It’s interesting that you mentioned that no matter what she does she still looks like a sorority girl to you. Right before I read that I was thinking, “there’s not much this girl could do to not have skeeze face.” I don’t see sorority girl at all as i’m very judgemental and generalize the hell out of everything and picture sorority girls being a different face all together. I just think it’s funny that many of us can at least agree that she just has…one of those faces…