FHM Philippines Pulls Racist March Cover

If we were to ask you, “What’s wrong with this cover of FHM Philippines?” the correct answer would be, “Everything.”

From the brand that brought you sexy, lingerie-clad jokes about India-Pakistan relations and needed a “sick bucket” in reference to Andrej Pejic, comes a new cover featuring a light-skinned woman in a bright pink bikini flanked by dark-skinned women in black bikinis and (get ready) the cover line, “Stepping Out Of The Shadows.”

The outrage this inspired should not surprise you, though it should surprise you that this kind of thing can even happen. When the magazine hits newsstands in March, it will feature a different cover also starring Bela Padilla, with revised headline “‘I want to emerge with my own name.” We are astonished that it even got this far.

Also, no “I don’t see any problems with this, honestly,” trolling in the comments.

(HuffPo, Styleite)

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    • Joe Moe

      I DON’T see what’s “racist” about this, sorry. It’s obviously a joke.

      • Danielle

        I don’t think this is a joke, but in something can be a joke and still be racist.

    • Ash

      What I find confusing is that fashion photographers keep doing this even though they get the same reactions. It’s like they said “remember those times when so-and-so photographed the white model being attended by black models and people got really angry because they thought it was racist? I think we should do that again.” WHY DO THEY KEEP DOING THIS?

    • Vera

      Man, I might be crazy but I swear the woman on the left is Philippino who’s been painted that colour. Am I tripping?

      • Kj

        The one on the right looks painted to me. Weird.

    • Kj

      …um, well, at least it would have given the models of colour some exposure…?

      …? #tryingtoseesilverlining

    • the follow

      Colonial-minded Filipinos ruining the culture…
      Silly piece of shits.

    • jay

      wtf is racist about the cover, the girls and the “steping out of the shadows” ???
      jesus christ.. people see racism everywhere nowadays, we live this uber-sensible world..

      watch out, dont step your shadow.. you racist..