Gallery: Lindsay Lohan With Her Fingers In Her Mouth

You may have heard Lindsay Lohan is staging another comeback! She’s hosting SNL this weekend and her publicist even forced a talk show host to pitch some softballs during her repentance tour. Anyway, we noticed this recent portrait (above) by Terry Richardson and it inspired us to celebrate the troubled actress’ return with a little tribute to her signature pose: sticking her fingers in her mouth. We’re not sure if this is an honest-to-god nervous tick or proof of child stardom’s corruption of the brain, but we do know this: it happens a lot.

Please note, we are neither the first to compile a gallery of this nature, nor the last. We just thought it appropriate now.

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    • Katie

      “proof of child stardom’s corruption of the brain”

      I think that’s about right.

    • Cee

      Now now…she may just be a big fan of KFC.

    • Kate

      OMG – it looks so ridiculous in most of these photos, and I say this as a sometimes nail biter! I’ll remember this gallery next time I catch myself…

      The first and most recent picture of her makes me really sad.

    • Amanda Ernst

      This gallery is also proof that she looks so much better with dark hair!

    • Christine

      I’m pretty sure she has no idea where those fingers have been….

    • rita

      I’m pretty sure its just herpes. i have a friends who had a huge cold sore in her profile pic, but she “stragically” pulled a Lindsay and whaa laa… no one knows!

    • Cori

      Can’t help but notice only two of these are from when her career started to take off and seems to happen more as it crashed to a halt.

      • Lara

        Signs of a crackhead, clearly. Or cokehead or whatever she’s been doing.

    • Amy

      I hope she washes her hands frequently, and has a nail scrubber too.

    • YouKnow!

      She is disgusting, not even the least bit cute. And she’s always looked about 20 years older than she actually is. I want to punch her in the face. And for anyone that will post about how she has “talent,” you must not watch enough movies. She’s never been a good actress. Not hating- stating the facts.

      • Corissia

        I dunno, thought she was good in The Parent Trap. After that, I’d have to agree with you there, she was always more about potential talent.

    • Jenna

      I just want to note that in those two recent pictures, she’s looking pretty healthy. I don’t think she’s the best actress ever, but I like her.

    • Melinda

      Maybe she’s a compulsive nail-biter!
      Orrr maybe she’s thinking about penis all the time.

    • sheherbano

      this is the best gallery ever.