Lindsay Lohan Has Questionable Face Fillers But Demonstrates Humility On ‘The Today Show’

Lindsay Lohan was on “The Today Show” this morning, and you guys, I really think she’s back in the game. During the interview, she talked to Matt Lauer in a coherent, thoughtful manner about her stint at the L.A. morgue, her upcoming SNL hosting gig, and her new role in a movie about Elizabeth Taylor.

I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I think she’s had some injectables in her face, and I’m hoping those wear off soon, and also personally would prefer to see her with a more natural-looking hair color, BUT — overall she was lovely to listen to, and she seemed normal, and like she has some clarity, and also, frankly, like she’s a smart person. And even if some of this “I’m back on track” thing is a performance, it still means that Lindsay Lohan the really good actress has replaced Lindsay Lohan the hot mess.

Call me a dreamer, but I’m behind LiLo this time around.

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    • Ekta

      I have a good feeling that she’ll succeed too :)

    • porkchop

      Rooting for her! I want her good acting back! With red hair, preferably, but that’s your call, Linds :)

    • Tris

      I’m always really, really confused when anyone refers to Linsay’s “really good acting”. I haven’t seen every movie she’s ever been in, but I’ve seen a few, and none of them included this supposedly great acting.

    • Zooey

      ahhhh this bums me out so much cuz she seems so together but she just looks so old like it breaks my heart what she’s been through you can see it on her face she knows how hard it’s going to be to come back