Would You Wear A Customized Vagina Pendant?

So we have mentioned these before, since we obviously can’t get enough of photoreal vagina pendants. …But did you know you can send in a picture of your own vagina and get a customized version?

You really can find anything on Etsy.

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    • Marlakins

      Not something I want to read about right after lunch!

    • Lo

      That’s my tree decorations sorted for next Christmas.

    • mm

      do people really have vaginas that look like that?? was the picture necessary???

      • Lo

        Only a bizarre few. Proper vaginas have row upon row of teeth, and play music if you really know what you’re doing.

    • Ally

      I just got this uncontrolled urge to cry after seeing these. I can’t explain it. I think I’m frightened to that extent. On the brightside judging by these necklaces, if they had vagina modeling my vag would be a supermodel. But I want to cry anyway.

    • Fmst

      Are you guys all really that scared of female anatomy that you can’t see it after eating and it makes you want to cry? I hope you’re all 12 year old boys and not grown men, or god forbid grown women. It’s shameful really to react that way.

    • Jupee

      Cute! Love me some pussy pendants. :)

    • Robyn

      I would ABSOLUTELY wear one. I love that women’s genitalia are entering mainstream culture, and not in a lewd, porny kind of way. Pussy pendants all the way!

    • Jenn

      Um… I Love my lady bits as much as the next girl but no I’m not going to wear a vulva pendant or a penis pendant or any other body part pendant. It completely lacks any sense of art to me. It’s a novelty item and I don’t think it evokes any sense of reverence for the female form. And to have a personalized one? It sorta seems like advertising. “Hey everyone! This is what my vulva looks like! Do you like it?”

    • Eileen

      Nope. And no, I have no problem with my own vulva – as long as it’s clean and healthy and doing its job, I think it’s just fine. But I have no need to put it on a pendant and wear it around my neck. That’s weird. I’m proud of my healthy, functional digestive system, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to wear a model of my small intestine.

      • Kate Messinger

        Do you think Etsy would let me sell customized poop necklaces? New big thing…

    • Melinda

      I feel like I am actually offended by these. I want to say that it’s because I think a vagina-close-up is something I would only want to share with a special someone, and that a vagina out of context does seem lewd and porn-y to me. I mean, if a man walked around with a model of his penis around his neck, I would definitely cross the street, and it’s not because I have anything against sexuality, men, or penises specifically.

      • Melinda

        (Or maybe I’m just really repressed. But I don’t think so.)

    • Tamara


    • The Toad

      I think these are bizarre, but hilarious. My fiance, on the other hand, was quite disturbed. He likes vaginas very much, but thinks these lack charm. “They look like earthworms,” he exclaimed in horror.

    • Lady Badger

      I’d wear it! I wouldn’t say it’s modeled after my own vagina, just so I could feel more awesome when I wear it.

    • Sam

      They look like homeless snails.

    • EMD

      I think these are beautiful… they almost look like flowers just before they open. But I’d be shy to send someone a picture of my vulva, even if it were for the purpose of making this beautiful artwork. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to wear another woman’s vulva around my neck, either.

    • Nono

      I would not buy one. I would rather motivate other women to modeling their own Vaginas.
      It is a really fun thing to do, you can get creative and experiment a lot!

      But also, the possibility of getting ones own vagina as handcrafted necklace from professionals is a nice idea (for those who don’t like touching clay ;) )

      Anyway, their work is great.