• Thu, Mar 1 2012

Gallery: Christina Hendricks Looks Predictably Gorgeous In BlackBook

The March 2012 issue of BlackBook features a cover story on the untouchable Christina Hendricks, as well as a photo shoot with the somewhat tired theme of “sexy woman frolics moistly in the ocean”…because she’s a sexy siren, get it? But while I might wish magazines would come up with some new ideas, I’m pretty sure Christina Hendricks can do no wrong, so I’m giving this editorial a thumbs up, anyway. Check out all the hott pix, plus some stuff you probably already knew about her (from the accompanying story), after the jump.

(Via BlackBook)

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  • Sam Carrot

    Very nice cover shot.

  • sammy

    LOVE HER, but I definitely wouldn’t classify Saffron from Firefly as a “socially awkward, quirky, best friend character,” haha.