Former Disney Star Shows Her Vagina On The Red Carpet

First of all, how great is it that I got to use “vagina” and “carpet” in the same headline?

Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

Anyway, what you see is true — former Disney star Adrienne Bailon wore a see-through black minidress with a fabric pouf in the front to a red carpet event in New York last night, but when a gust of wind blew the pouf aside, it became apparent that Bailon had foregone underwear, and you could literally see her labia:

The thing is that the dress is really ugly anyway, so it’s a little unclear why you’d risk flashing beav in order to wear it. It just doesn’t seem worth the trade-off.

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    • jo

      Also, what’s up with the creepy nails?

    • Lemona

      And it doesn’t look like anything is covering the back of the dress, so . . . butt-cheeks. That has to look very silly.

    • maria

      also, the shoes are see-through booties. Maybe she’s wearing this in a kind of ironic way? you know, it could be analyzed!

    • woo

      If she’da just had some bloody pubes she wouldn’t have exposed as much. Go pubes!

    • Joanntheredhead

      Yeah, um…I don’t think she took any “risks” here. I think she had an agenda. I find if very, very hard to believe that she wouldn’t have seen that coming.