Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Actress?

You may have seen her recently.

It’s Lindsay Lohan. Didn’t she look different on SNL? Also, why is her hair so not red, now? And why is her face so full of fillers?

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    • MR

      I didn’t see her on SNL and only have a vague memory of her early acting. My friends with kids would have parties, and sometimes we’d watch movies with the kids. So I did see ‘The Parent Trap’. I also heard from younger friends with kids that ‘Herbie: Fully Reloaded was good too. Man, what happened to Linsay? She has problems with drugs – not the end of the world – upscale sentence and then snafus during her parole period. Gets a lot of bad press and then reinvents herself. Yeah, I’m a guy and when she’s undressed or partially undressed she looks sexy. But, not very Disney. :)