Retro Snap: Who Is This Amazing Actress?

young katharine hepburn


Just a horrific amount. It’s Katharine Hepburn. Do you prefer Katharine or Audrey? Or… neither, if you are one member of our “abject monster” readership. Obviously they’re both great, so this is a tough call. Though before you make it, check out this terrific article on Katharine Hepburn on The Hairpin - it’s also where we pulled the picture from (and there are so many more pictures there).

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    • Kay

      Can one really decide between Audrey and Katharine? Isn’t there space in the world for both fabulously awesome ladies? That being said, there can NEVER BE ENOUGH K.HEP ON THE THE GLOSS!

    • MR

      Definately Katharine. Cause I also like the person she was. That part in ‘The Aviator’ after she and Hughes broke up, when he was downward spiraling and he called out to her: “Katie”. She was his only one. Hmm – your attached article seems to agree with me – that is you should check out Winona’s Jo in ‘Little Women’. :) Great film, and a much more modern take on a feminist woman in the mid 1800s. Her facial expressions, she always cracks me up in that last scene.