Are These Marni For H&M Hats Cute Or Fugly?

We’re pretty intolerant of fashion’s “ugly is intellectual” prejudices, so maybe this is just an off-day, but… we are actually really digging these fugly-cute hats from the Marni x H&M collection. Should we hate ourselves? Probably!

The collection hits stores this week and we may brave the hordes (or non-hordes?) just to survey these oddities. Each and every one is perfect for waking up on some deserted beach in the Caribbean after a sprawling acid trip only to discover, bleary-eyed, that it’s 1962.

…Maybe that’s our look?

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Look! Here are some more! There appear to be 8 in all.

(Teen Vogue has the rest)

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    • Fabel

      I wasn’t feeling them until the acid trip, Caribbean beach, 1962 scenario you described. Because that just sounds awesome & I would definitely want to be prepared with one of these hats if that happened.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Fabel: <3 <3 <3