Carrie Bradshaw Indeed Could Not Have Afforded Her Manhattan Apartment In Real Life

Turns out that when we all said that Carrie Bradshaw would never be able to rent her apartment on “Sex and the City” on a freelance writer’s salary, we were right — the brownstone that served as the exterior of her home for the first few seasons is now on the market for $9.65 million. The building is located at 64 Perry Street in Manhattan’s West Village.

Granted, it’s a four-story building, so if the floors were broken up into separate apartments, they would only cost $2.41 million each. One article every few months in Vogue should be enough to cover that, right?

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    • Rebecca

      Oh yeah….Manhattan’s Wet Village.

    • Jo

      Well—the exterior of the building is different from the fictional apartment Carrie lived in. Either way, it’s plausible that her studio apartment on the UES would have been rent stabilized, and the apartment portrayed on the show would probably only be half a floor of a brownstone. Just sayin.
      It’s true, in the end she probably would not have been able to purchase it (even with Charlotte’s ring). Current real estate prices for studio apartments on the UES start at $250,000 (based on currently corcoran listings), since Carrie’s apartment is, arguably, nicer, you could say it would cost $500,000 in modern day prices (that’s my maximum guess). $500,000 still seems like a lot of money for Carrie to dole out on an apartment, but it’s nowhere near 2.41 million.

      I think more improbable is the number of cabs she takes on top of buying expensive shoes all the while being a writer for what appears to be a fictional version of the National Enquirer.