Jessica Simpson Is Naked, Pregnant & Holding Her Own Breasts On The Cover Of Elle

As the headline implies: Jessica Simpson is naked, pregnant and holding her own breasts on the April cover of Elle. We have absolutely no clue how this moved along the dozens of hands it must inevitably pass through without someone saying, “This is a bad idea, you guys. This is laughable and terrible and we have a hard enough time taking Jessica Simpson seriously without her going all smug and faux-artsy and especially because who the fuck gave her Kim Zolciak‘s wig?”

Astonishing. Also, why is Jessica Simpson still getting magazine covers?

(Celeb Baby Laundry)

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    • Goldie

      Aren’t Demi Moore’s kids old enough now to have children of their own? That’s how long ago this was edgy.

    • Cee

      Yep, Goldie, she should have waited for the moment when her baby was crowning in her bathtub/kiddie pool, that seems to be the trend nowadays..unfortunately.

    • Maggie

      Are their actual Elle readers who will want to read this? How does British Elle get Mary Kate & Ashley and the US gets this?? She’s so irrelevant

    • h

      Wow – for a blog that is very anti-bully, this post – and comments – are very bullying. She is a beautiful woman. Extremely successful. A wonderful role model and has faced down bullies with a smile on her face. There are thousands of women who will want to read this and appreciate pregnancy whether the photos are in style or not.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Let’s not marginalize the word “bullying” by applying it to famous millionaires.

      • Jennifer Wright

        We’re very anti-bully?

      • Holden

        a wonderful role model???