St. Patricks Day Flower Basket Filled With Potatoes

potato basket

You know what you love being reminded of if you have Irish ancestry?

The potato famine! God, those were the days, right? Hah, starvation. That was a thing. That was a thing I commemorate with this flower basket, convenienly priced for $49.99. Look at how peppy it is! Irish eyes are smiling.

Here is a song, now. Happy St. Patricks Day, however many days early it is. Please enjoy your corned beef and cabbage.

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    • MR

      Nice song. Don’t be fooled, the best part of St Patrick’s Day is the live folk music. You know the Famine was a lot like the Holocaust, only it was at the hands of a so-called democracy that was also the richest country in the world at the time. The children died first from the starvation. They say it sometimes took up to three weeks. I do have a family member, he’s gone now, who was one the Fenians (IRB) who fought against the British ‘Black and Tans’ for Irish Independence. One of Michael Collins’ crew. Basically it was one sides World War I vets against the other, and the Irish won.