Poll: Are You Jealous That Snooki Is Pregnant And Engaged?

Once upon a time, in an age before Facebook and Twitter, if you were jealous about the course someone else’s life was taking, you either kept it to yourself, or did your best to sabotage them without anyone finding out.

But apparently now, in this modern, digital age and in this economy, it’s totally cool to announce to the world that you’re green with envy. How do I know? Because Buzzfeed has collected 25 tweets (which means there are many, many more) from women who are upset that Snooki is married and pregnant before they are:


Fortunately, though, what follows is an anonymous poll about or not you feel the same way. This is the respectable way to weigh in — without anyone knowing who you are.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Kj

      Ahahahahahaha f————————– no.

      But maybe I don’t count. I’m kinda engaged right now >_>

    • cmc

      No I’m not jealous of her at all I got to live out my wild 20′s and be committement and baby free! I’m really grateful for that because now I can be a responsible 30 something and not feel like I missed out on anything. To be quiet honest I feel bad for her unborn child, I think that she’s really irresponsible and if she’s lucky her mother will wind up raising her baby.

    • tl

      I’m just mad that she’s rich. I’ll never have money like that and it pisses me off that someone so talentless makes so much money!

      • cmc

        I know right!!! Talk about an undeserved fortune!!! I hope she’s saving her money though because her fame will not last, remember Heidi and Spencer???