8 Year Old Girls Are Doing Burlesque Routines

8 year old burlesque

Look, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think anyone but Dita von Teese should be doing burlesque routines.

However, if I did think that more people should be doing burlesque, because lots of people make…choices, I would not want those people to be 8 year old girls. Even if they are on Dance Moms. Actually, especially if they are on Dance Moms. Because, Jesus. Admittedly the children are wearing nude bikinis (and not naked doing a feather dance, despite the fact that their dance instructor told them “the audience should think you are nude”) so this could be worse.

Then their instructor then tells them that they should convey “I’m hot, I’m mean, you can’t have me, you can’t afford me.” So: it gets worse. It’s officially worse when you are telling 8 year olds to act like that on television.

This is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because the coy kind of sexuality that defines a good burlesque performance is something 8 year olds should not know anything about. So, at best they’re going to give a terrible performance, at worst, they are now going to be in therapy forever. We are leaning towards option two, since they’re being sexualized at a stupidly early age. – Daily Mail

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    • superjack

      I lol’ed so hard at “So, at best they’re going to give a terrible performance.”

    • john buck

      the girls are so sexy

    • http://www.facebook.com/natarsha.billing Natarsha Billing

      It is the comments of men like “john dickhead buck”, intentional slime joker (or not – and I don’t care which) is the reason why young girls really should not be learning how to dance like this. Until we teach boys how to grow into sexually honourable men, girls may never be able to dance like this. I hope for the sexuality of women as a cosmic whole, that one day this is possible. Until then – lets encourage all women to dance, burlesque, exotic, erotic (strip or pole) even samba dance from the age of sexual maturity (another measure altogether) and make it more acceptable for WOMEN to do it of their own delight. They alone will teach their daughters how to move accordingly with all the other necessary information on expression of sensuality. A better option is to teach belly dance to girls of this age, in suitable child like garments without the sexual innuendo of adult intention.