Gallery: The Six Most Stereotypically Maxim-y Quotes From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Cover Story

Maxim‘s April cover story on Jennifer Love Hewitt might be the most stereotypically Maxim-y thing I’ve seen from them in quite some time, and that’s saying something. (Full disclosure: I do not read Maxim regularly.) It’s littered with quotes about how she loves pole dancing and baking cakes (sometimes at the same time!), and it looks like they Photoshopped her head onto some kind of plastic Barbie body. All in all, it’s quite the hot mess (of sexiness). Why, it’s almost like Jennifer has done market research on how to appeal to the Maxim demographic as much as possible so that they’ll tune into her prostitute mom show. Joke’s on you, Maxim readers!


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    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      LOL “do a pole dance.”

    • Quin

      Pole dancing and cooking? She’s like, every man’s dream.

    • Maggie

      Now let’s forget our troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream!

      • kips

        Props for that quote :D

      • Jamie Peck

        I love you.

    • Maggie2

      OMG, like, let’s see how stereotypically “female” I can be so the guys who read Maxim will like, care about for me for like, 5 minutes. Teehee! Girls love bedazzling their vajayjays!


    • Leoh

      I bet she also loves to laugh while eating salad.

      • Kayla

        Only when someone is taking a picture. I, for one, cry every time I eat salad, because I don’t have a camera.

    • Maris

      So now every fuckwad I meet is going to expect me to vajazzle, pole dance, bake, and be a VS Angel. Thanks, J-Hew, thanks. BURN ALL THE MAXIMS!