Ring-Bracelet Combos: How Do You Feel?

Recently, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted wearing the above ring-bracelet-combo thing. I’ll admit that I used to be super into these, and even now, when I see them, I’m like, “that’s really pretty.” (I think profound thoughts.)

But I feel like in practice, these pieces of jewelry are really hard to pull off. They don’t really go with your average jeans and a t-shirt ensemble — even your fancy jeans! — so unless you pair them with just the right club wear or outfit from Arden B., you’re going to look like a tween coming out of Claire’s thinking she bought something sophisticated.

Unless you’re Alessandra Ambrosio, who can pull off anything by virtue of being a supermodel.

What do you think?

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    • ShyTown

      My Grandma has passed on a lot of her old jewelry to me over the years, including one of these combos – which she calls a “slave bracelet”- from the 50′s. It’s beautiful and classy looking, not sparkly and Claires-esque, but I admit I’ve never worn it for the same reason you stated, I simply don’t know how!