What His Favorite Book Says About Him

john waters

Rather than making general assumptions about men, today, we are making really specific assumptions. Basically, if a man tells you his favorite book is The Fountainhead, run away, if he tells you it’s Lord of the Flies, you’re good! And if a man tells you he has no favorite book, because he does not like to read, please consult John Waters, above.

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    • MR

      What if you like Pearl S. Buck novels? What does she have in store for me? :)

      • Jennifer Wright

        I am pleased to inform you that you are dating a lady with a garden!

      • MR

        That’s funny, as a matter of fact she does have one! I can’t wait to see all of its beautiful aspects this spring and summer.

    • Avodah

      What is wrong with Ayn Rand books or people enjoy them? Other than your personal taste, of course…

      Oh that’s right, they don’t fit int your narrow definition of what is acceptable.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Yes. And I literally believe that everyone who enjoyed Blood Meridian is a cannibalistic savage, living on the very cusp of society. No humor or joking, ever.

      • MM

        Dude, everyone makes fun of Ayn Rand fans for a reason. Objectivism is hilarious!

      • JaneM

        @MM High five, ladybro.

    • Avodah

      It isn’t that “don’t get the joke”. Rather, the the writing isn’t funny or clever.

    • Kj

      My man likes “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Huzzah.

      Also… I really liked Atlas Shrugged… when I was 18.

    • Woo

      What about Foucault?

      Also, Ayn Rand-o-philes make me very sad.

    • John

      If there had been any element of humor in any of this anywhere I might say it was okay that none of the slides had anything to do with the actual content of the books.

    • misenhammer

      Just stepping in to say FUCK, I love the shit out of John Waters.