‘Fashion Star’ Contestant Tells Jessica Simpson She Doesn’t Know What’s Going On In Menswear

Well, this is awkward. On Jessica Simpson’s new reality show, “Fashion Star,” a contestant tells judges Simpson and Nicole Richie that they shouldn’t be judging his menswear designs because they’re women.

The contestant in question is an Australian gentleman named Nicholas Bowes. As the judges discuss his biker jackets, judge John Varvatos begins by saying that biker jackets are a little overdone, and Simpson goes on to say that the hardware is unoriginal. It’s then that Bowes lets fly with his first comment, which is that if Simpson “understood what’s going on right now” she’d know (and I paraphrase) that unoriginal hardware is what’s happening in menswear.

Nicole Richie then weighs in, saying that the biker jacket, which Bowes paired with shorts and cowboy boots, looked a little mismatched. That’s when Bowes unleashes his opinion that only men — like Varvatos — should have an opinion about menswear.

Because, you know, there are no women in fashion.

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    • Stephanie

      Honestly, I think he was trying to make a point deep down that there is no reason for Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie to be critiquing fashion designers. He is right that they don’t know anything that is going on in fashion, because they don’t actually design in fashion or need to pay attention to trends in men’s (or women’s) fashion.

      • Alexis

        I could be wrong, but don’t both Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie have fashion lines? I’m pretty sure Simpson’s is quite popular….

      • Stephanie

        Alexis – they license their names to manufactures… They never tuch the designs. (sorry aout the 2x post my phone was messed up) :)

    • mr_man

      Unlike women who mostly dress to please themselves or other women, we only dress up to attract women or because we are forced. I wear a suit every day because I have to for work. Not because “it’s in” so yeah women should be judging men’s fashion on tv. That’s how I learned women judge me by my footwear.

    • Stephanie Kornblum

      They license their names to manufacturers… they never touch the designs.

    • Mrscar

      Stephanie, thank you for your comment! I am sure he would have had the same response if Sean Combs or any other celebrity “designer” were on that stage. It may not have been a wise decision, but at least he called it like he saw it.