Men Tell Us: Whether Guys Hate These 8 Sex Moves

men hate sex

YourTango has a a piece up right now dedicated towards 8 sex moves men hate, written by the author of Are All Guys Assholes? “Huh!” I thought, because, while certainly many of my male friends are assholes, they are assholes who are enthusiastic about sex. I do have a crazy theory that men like having sex with you, most of the time. Obviously there are exceptions, and the exceptions is the same reasons you sometimes don’t want to have sex (you’re tired, you’re sick, you’re Batman and it’s important to always prioritize being Batman, etc). But in general, I don’t think there’s that much that men “hate.” So! I checked with some male friends to see their take on this. Here are their opinions

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    • mr_man

      it sounds like these guys you asked have only had missionary.
      1) was about OVER-moaning ie: faking. you want to moan, great! but don’t fake it.
      2) i’ve experienced the botched landing. it hurts & sometimes it hurts her. pay attention.
      3) that guy is agreeing, the question is about pain. if you start “gently” it’s not painful, it’s gentle.
      4) nope, stay away from my butthole. if some guy wants it he’ll let you know ahead of time.
      5) the question says “ALL the way back” bending the penis the wrong way can be painful, it naturally points up.
      6) is the same as 7, be careful bending the penis. as for viewing a woman’s asshole, that is not a concern, we like women’s asses, that includes the asshole.
      7) water is not lube for anyone
      8) move a little, caress our bodies for a change. (just stay away from my butthole.)

    • menis

      bouncing too high and landing towards my feet will bend my dick in too high an angle, hurting me; this is actually also how you can break a cock, causing severe bleeding.

      so: never rock back too far.

    • Jimmy Jam

      Love this position, and love the view of the asshole! Even better when she lets me put my thumb in there.