French Actress Emmanuelle Beart Admits To “Botched” Plastic Surgery

Whenever celebrities cop to getting plastic surgery, do you find it refreshing or still kind of a bum out? French actress Emmanuelle Béart is the latest, not only admitting to going under the knife but candidly discussing her regret. She told Le Monde:

“I had my mouth done when I was 27. It was a botched job. Obviously, if I had liked my mouth I wouldn’t have had it re-done. If a man or woman has something redone it is because he or she can no longer live with that part of their body, it is no longer bearable. Either they get help and find the strength to fight [the need to have plastic surgery] or they proceed with the act.”

She went on to describe plastic surgery as “a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences.”

Honestly, it bums us out that someone as lovely a Beart would resort to filling her lips, though we’re refreshed by the reminder that plastic surgery pressures are not distinctly American.

Here is Beart in ’87, by the way, looking outrageously beautiful:

(NY Daily News, Frogsmoke)


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    • Cee

      Holy crap! When I saw the main page I thought “wow I need me some botched surgery, she looks great!” but then I clicked over and she looks like Tara Reid’s sister!

    • Jo

      To be fair, you chose a really terrible post-op photo of her. I hate plastic surgery, I’m sure she would look better without it but she looks good now (just, not in that photo). She’s also older. It’s hard to ever “live up” to your mid-twenties self youthful-beauty-wise and that’s a big part of the plastic surgery problem in the first place.
      See, she looks way better here

    • Bee

      She f***ed up this time! Should have left well enough alone. Heck! we all wish we could look like we were 20ish again. I’d still take the confidence I have now over the youth…maybe.

    • oejit

      Can I get a face transplant with ’87 Beart?

    • dosseis

      She looked plain in ’87. The lips made her who she is.