We All Know Fashion Bloggers Have No Integrity, Right?

As far as labels are concerned, if critics can’t be expected to mindlessly praise a collection, then bloggers provide a unique loophole: their vestige of DIY credibility conceals the corporate hand at work. High profile bloggers are essentially covert advertising tools, which may have a lot to do with their sudden rise to prominence (and the internet is the wave of the future and all, etc). “It” bags and “it” shoes–oftentimes the bread and butter of a brand–can be created practically overnight if photographed on the right bloggers.

Although the insidious influence of gifting can be assuaged somewhat by transparency (a simple “skirt courtesy whoever” is common but not standard), style bloggers and designer labels have developed a grossly symbiotic relationship: the bloggers get free shit and front row seats at Altuzarra, for example, then gush about the experience and all the famous cheeks they kissed on their blogs… the fawning coverage ensures their placement at the following season’s show, which keeps their profile high and the traffic coming to their blogs. Is BryanBoy going to give Marc Jacobs a bad review if his front row seat and free namesake bags depend on it? Especially if his own status is, in turn, determined by that front row? The answer is of course not.

But! It’s obvious that most personal style bloggers have no integrity (and plenty of people besides Givhan have noticed). The real question here is: do you care? Does it affect your pageviews if all those neon belts and quilted bags are calculated placement? We know this fact still surprises people (while many commenters on these blogs remain blissfully unaware) but, we’re curious, does it matter at all?

Moreover: when legitimate magazine editors regularly tweet their appreciation for gifts, why call out bloggers for being that much more unapologetic about it? Isn’t criticizing the absence of ethics in the fashion industry comically pointless? Hasn’t street style eroded its own value by photographing the marginally famous regardless of what they’re wearing?

Join us next week, as we sort out all of these problems and resort to drinking.

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    • Katie

      Potentially off topic, but I’d like to read a follow-up piece entitled “9 Reasons Why Bryan Boy Is The Worst Person in the World.”

      • Banks

        Shit yeah I’d read that! I used to like him, too, because he wrote about fashion and made jokes about anal sex. But now it’s just “Here I am at Prada with Anna Dello Russo and we’re both dressed like idiots and I didn’t have to spend a dime! OH AND PS BUY PRADA I LOVE PRADA”

    • Jennifer Wright


    • Jennifer Wright


    • Robbie

      Really great article, I 100% agree, and am glad you put it out there, BUT …the title??! Cheap way to garner attention, as it should really focus specifically on personal style bloggers- NOT fashion bloggers as a whole.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Oh, I agree, and I do appreciate the distinction.

        However, it’s been my experience that many people (namely, people who don’t work on the internet) conjure “personal style blogger” when they hear “fashion blogger.” When I tell people I am a “fashion blogger,” for example, they automatically assume I have a Blogspot and take pictures of my outfits, as opposed to having an office and health insurance. This is the case 90% of the time.

        I think it was more a decision of clarity than attention garnering, though I could still change the title to something much more inflammatory! Consider: “Every Fashion Blogger You’ve Ever Loved Sucked Satan’s Dick So They Could Have Those Alaia Shoes,” or “Fashion Bloggers: Accepting Gifts, Spreading AIDS.”

        …In all seriousness, though: thank you for reading and thank you for your input.

      • Jennifer Wright

        From now on we incorporate “sucked Satan’s dick” into every post title, 100% of the time. I don’t care what you’re writing about.

      • kit

        Just spit out my afternoon coffee at “Fashion Bloggers: Accepting Gifts, Spreading AIDS.” THANKS A LOT ASHLEY.


      And why BryanBoy only?
      It’s because he’s more than famous than anyone else or he’s just more loud than everybody else?
      Or…it’s because he’s Asian and fucking the arena of fashion kissing ass with who’s who than you?

      Excuse me, if what you have observed is too much…but too much is the REAL thing in the industry. They use you, you use them!
      Lets turn the table, you in BryanBoy’s brief kissing ass with Anna Dello Russo and fucking around with the Marc Jacobs. Will you make a negative words on your website. Lets take it on the REAL side darling. everyone needs to survive. He got into his position because he made his color more colorful than rainbow you’ve seen.
      As we speak, integrity is business in media. You think a magazine will survive if they will not put Lancome advertorial photoshopped shots on their page? Or Ana Wintour will be in the front row if the Karl Lagerfeld wouldn’t allow her to give a preview of the collection before it hits the runway.

      As I read articles like this, the more I deny the fact that most author of this kind of articles are just so jealous for not having on someone else throne. Pitty.