Tommy Hilfiger Debunks That Racist Urban Legend You Heard In Middle School

"Why, that's preposterous! I LOVE black people!"

Story time! When we were in sixth grade or around there, two prevailing racist celebrity rumors swept the blacktop with certain frequency: the first was Lauryn Hill saying she’d rather her baby be killed than know “white people buy [her] music” and the second had Tommy Hilfiger saying he wouldn’t be a designer if he’d known black people were going to buy his clothes. Oh, and then there was the one about Lil Kim needing her stomach pumped.

Anyway! Hilfiger says it’s not tue! He told Fern Mallis:

“We had heard that I was supposedly on “Oprah,” and I had told her that if I had known black people were going to buy my clothes, I wouldn’t have been a designer. I had never been on “Oprah,” and I had never said that. And I would never believe that anyway, nor would I ever say that anyway [...] It was a rumor and a myth. Oprah invited me [to be on the show to deal with it].”

Of course, it’s not nearly as interesting as if he owned it or something.


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    • Avodah

      Ashley, the end of your post makes it seem like the urban legend is true. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Tommy Hilfiger went on Oprah (for real) to once and for all say that he never uttered such a statement.

    • Luke

      He went on Oprah in 2007 or thereabouts to put the rumor to bed. It’s not just Tommy who had been followed by this untrue rumor; Oprah’s people had consistently been asked about it since the rumor started in the mid-90s and they were tired of it too. She had addressed it one time prior, opening her show saying that this rumor was a “big fat lie” a few years before Tommy finally came on her show for the first time and they both debunked it. I think one or both of those clips are on YouTube.

      • Avodah

        Thanks for clarifying! I just didn’t like that the last few words in this article seemed to suggest that the rumor was true.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I wasn’t trying to suggest that, sorry.

    • Joshua F.

      Hi Avodah,

      You are correct, the false racist rumor was just an urban legend. It was a vicious old rumor that was proven not to be true years ago. The only time Tommy Hilfiger did go on Oprah was in 2007 to set the record straight, here is a direct link:

    • sameer

      Even if he is racist, Blacks would still flaunt it off for coke $$$

      • Gamagamarey

        You would sell your mama and daughter and even your sons for a buck

      • cynthia2

        When you say “you” who are you referring to