Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Stop Making Duck Face Even During Guns N’ Roses Concerts

I think we can all agree that duckface is never cute. But you know when it’s especially not cute? When you’re supposed to be letting loose and having a good time, like, for instance, at a Guns N’ Roses concert that you probably paid at least $100 for.

But here’s Lana Del Rey, duckfacing her face off while she tries to pretend to be ethereal and free-spirited:

And again:


Here’s a newsflash, Del Rey — we all know that you can’t make duckface at the same time that you’re losing yourself in the moment. Give it up, girl — either the facade or the face has got to go.

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    • D

      “while she tries to pretend to be ethereal and free-spirited”

      Maybe she really is ethereal and free-spirited. I really don’t understand all the vitriol directed at Lana here. Has the Zoe Deschanel hating gotten old?

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Maybe, but if she were she wouldn’t be making duck face. Duck face requires concentration and effort and is done in order to project a certain image, which is kind of the opposite of having a free spirit.

        And also, no, hating Zoe Deschanel hasn’t gotten old, thanks for asking! I’m sure there will be reason to write about that again soon.

    • D

      I don’t think it takes that much effort to pout, to be honest. And for that matter, it’s not like we know she’s trying to be free-spirited or ethereal — it’s all something you’re reading into.

      Criticizing Lana for her music seems like one thing, but mocking her for pouting during a concert comes off pretty mean-spirited. Why stoop to that level?

    • johnwill

      I understand hating Lana’s music, but mocking somebody for duck face, which isn’t even perfect solid duck face is just stupid. More on:

    • lola

      lana is fake and stupid. end of story.

    • Jamie Peck

      I think that’s just the way her lips are. She’s got perma-duckface.
      Also, there’s no way she paid to get into that concert.