Glee‘s Heather Morris (Effectively) Leaked Her Own Naked Cell Phone Pics

Another day, another naked celebrity looking vain and nipple-y in grainy leaked cell phone pics. Today, Heather Morris of Glee (and those awful Tyler Shields photos) takes a naked turn. Apparently these photos hit the internet on Sunday, but Morris isn’t exactly Blake Lively, so they took a little while to build up interest. Sorry.

Anyway, our sister site Crushable has the handy explanation of how this happened, but it boils down to Heather Morris did something kind of stupid.

…But at least she has agency! Also, these photos we’ve embedded are going to become INCREASINGLY NAKED, so you’ve been warned.



Here’s a NSFW (but tame) version.

(Buzzfeed has a bunch more)

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    • Maggie

      I don’t understand why she wouldn’t leak more flattering photos than these.

    • K

      I vaguely remember mentioning the dreaded lean-over ‘cow-udder titties’ look in a post here (Why? I don’t know – I promise it’s not in my usual fun fact repertoire). Anyway, it’s not very flattering at all in the last picture. Not sure why she would chose any of these poses to be purposely leaked. The first one is just weird.