Is This How You Dressed In High School?

What I remember most about high school is obsessively styling my hair into perfectly messy buns that fell down in artfully disheveled wisps. There will never be a hair tribulation half as hard as that. That said, skinny jeans and uggs were only just coming into style when I was in my teens, so I was lucky in that way. And I was not nearly clever enough to sharpie a tattoo onto myself. How does this compare to the way you dressed when you were a teenager? I am hoping our older readers will tell us that they dressed significantly better, possibly wore more tweed (trying to make that happen, forever). - buzzfeed

dress in high school

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    • Benita

      Thank goodness I wore a uniform to school. Nothing teaches you how to mix and match basics better. I was lucky in that my school had five different skirts which could be paired with a blue, pink, white or yellow oxford blouse. Sadly the girls at my high school now have to wear hideous polyester pants.

      • Cee

        Yes! I never wore uniforms but I have a few friends that did and they just seemed so put together in a plain polo shirt, oxford blouses, cardigans, skirts and coordinating tights. And sometimes a blazer for added awesomeness. I was always slightly envious

      • G

        My high school had a similar uniform policy until they changed it halfway through. But luckily you still had the freedom to wear whatever brand you wanted for most articles except for the shirt if you chose to wear it. For example, you could wear whatever black shoe you wanted, any blue oxford, any beige pant, and had a choice of a cardigan, crew neck, or v-neck navy sweater. For senior year, I got all excited my mom took me to Banana Republic to pick out stuff.

    • Cee

      The only thing that drives me nuts about high school fashion today are the bright skinny yet saggy jeans for boys. They’re baggy enough at the hips so we can see half the crack, tight enough so we are aware they have ridiculously skinny legs, and bright enough so we notice all of this going on at the same time.

      How do they even put these jeans on anyways?

    • E.W.

      All I can say is Abercrombie & Fitch. Abercrombie clothes (polos with popped collars, ripped jeans, flip flops, short ruffly skirts and cable knit sweaters over lacy camis) made up the majority of my high school wardrobe. I went to HS in Southern CA from 2002 – 2006, so shows like The O.C. and Laguna Beach played a big role in our inspiration.

    • K

      I was obsessed with the ‘Go International for Target’ collections in high school. I still wear a Paul & Joe yellow wool blazer; I changed the original horrible brown buttons to silver ones. I was obsessed with fitted blazers in HS.

      I wore a bit of Abercrombie and Hollister. I loved their super short watercolor floral mini skirts, which I still use but only over swimwear.

      Also tons of layering – Everything had to have a matching camisole! I wore a lot of my grandfather’s old cashmere sweaters/cardigans and ended up getting a bit of an addiction to the stuff.

    • Lizzie

      I never put this much thought into anything during high school, let alone clothes…

    • Maris

      Hair ribbon, pearl earrings, polo with the collar popped, “distressed denim” (obv sounded way cooler than “ripped jeans you paid too much money for”), Northface, Vera Bradley bag, and…Birkenstocks.

      Don’t ask me why Birkenstocks were popular in an otherwise preppy town.

      Also, I regularly got shit from my friend for having too-neat messy buns.

    • KeLynn

      Uh oh, am I a high schooler? I love messy buns and skinny jeans and long necklaces. Oh no.

      In actual high school, I wore button-up shirts (way too large and baggy and squarish because I didn’t understand the concept of buying to fit your largest part and tailoring down the rest), tight dress skirts with hems two inches below my fingertips (because I knew my tops didn’t make me feel pretty even if I didn’t understand why, so I had to try to look hot in another way), suntan pantyhose, a ceramic choker made with beads shaped like flames, and these weird leather shoes with a chunky high heel and super rugged sole. This all based on me trying to look as cool as possible while attending a school with a very strict dress code based around the idea that we should be dressing like young professionals.

    • MM

      Black dresses, shredded lace tights, rosaries, combat boots and extra-hold hairspray. My yearbook photos are slightly embarrassing, but in retrospect being goth meant that I didn’t have to compete with the popular girls.

      I briefly had a Sharpie tattoo on my ankle…it was an ankh (big surprise).

    • Cate

      I had real tattoos in high school. Unfortunately they were self-administered with a safety pin, and I still have all of them. I usually wore either a pair of German army pants that were covered in homemade patches or thrift store prom dresses that I had cut off to be mini skirt length. My footwear of choice consisted of either combat boots or stripper heels, and I had a penchant for bizarre tights. I also had short choppy hair that was either various bright colors or black until I shaved my head in solidarity with Britney Spears when I was seventeen.
      Very, very few pictures of me in high school exist, partly because I have worked very hard to eradicate almost all of them.

    • Rose

      You know this confuses me and I only graduated from high school in May. How did it all get so insane in a few short months?

      Or perhaps I was too absorbed with my nerd aesthetic to notice the beginnings of this last year.

    • woo

      My high school style icons were Shirley Manson and Gwen Stefani, so I was all about low big jeans, singlets, chunky army boots, and dead straight hair. And then I entered the hippie phase…which was basically the aforementioned with pot added.

    • Dana

      I wore a lot of awkward skirt-with-pants combos.

    • ellemck1

      Nope. I wore a uniform. Polo shirts (only navy. White wasn’t good on my pale skin and maroon hated me.), pleated khaki skirt or khaki uniform pants, and awesome shoes. My favorites were a pair of knee high brown boots with my uniform skirt. And in the five years since graduating, I haven’t worn khaki’s or polo shirts.