Miley Cyrus Wore A Midriff-Baring Gown To The Hunger Games Premiere… But Why?

While Jennifer Lawrence was blinding the red carpet in Fall 2012 Prabal Gurung, Miley Cyrus was doing her best to upstage everyone at last night’s Hunger Games premiere in LA. The singer/actress donned midriff-baring Spring 2012 Emilio Pucci, apparently refusing to learn from Gwyneth Paltrow‘s midriff-baring Pucci mistake at the Emmys. You’ll recall:

Cyrus topped off her crop top (belly dress?) with ombre hair.

In my right mind I know to hate this, but in a weird way, I don’t completely hate it. I started rationalizing like so: “Well, if you’re going to wear a crop top, you might as well at nineteen. …But you absolutely shouldn’t do it on the red carpet. …Then again, this is so goth ’90s that I want Robin Tunney to be wearing it to The Craft premiere and if that was the case I’d probably be okay with it.” But the ’90s are over, goth and country don’t mix and Cyrus probably doesn’t know Robert Smith from Morrissey.

Sorry for my brain. Vote this down, please.

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    • Debbie Kershaw

      Miley looks stunning and unconventionally fresh. This dress would not look good on anyone but her. She can wear anything and look absolutely gorgeous because she is naturally beautiful!

      • Prisca

        I agree. I think she actually looked fantastic. I would never expect to like this dress, but Miley pulled it off.

    • Zoe

      UGH…jeeez Miley this isn’t about you deary…it’s not your damn premiere. The reason Cyrus wore this “outfit” was to try to upstage Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer managed to look sexy (as per usual) but, Lawrence also has that thing that eludes Cyrus; height and oh yeah, TALENT!!. It’s really kind of a desperate move on Miley’s part. Lawrence has the looks, body, talent and Cyrus has the….boostier to boost her yays and that’s all folks.

    • EKS

      ugh…hoping weird 90s fashion isn’t going to try to make a comeback

    • Holly

      I was expecting to hate it but I actually quite like it. I like the bead work. Gwyneth looked awkward in her “dress” but somehow Miley pulls it off in my opinion. Maybe it’s a size thing. Maybe it’s because Gwyneth always looks awkward to me. I feel like something is missing from Miley’s outfit though and can’t figure out what it would be. Also, I don’t like the ring/bracelet combo. It makes your hand look like a foot.

    • pam

      i don’t find it ‘fashion forward’ but neither is it horrible. it looks ‘okay’ on her… it’s not a head turning outfit, but that’s okay. on the other hand, i thought gwen looked good.
      what really makes me laugh is calling the hair ‘ombre’ when it’s really just letting your color grow out. i hope it’s a trend that passes quickly.

    • rita

      i actually think she looks great, but it is awkward.

    • Arnie

      I think the proper response to the “But WHY?” is simply: Because she can.

      And to be honest, while I’m not sure I really like it, if I had a nineteen-year-old stomach like that and some stylist wanted me to wear something that pointed it out, I probably wouldn’t automatically veto it.

    • ChemicalRefugee

      All I see are humans (real people, body and mind) who actually look nice, took the effort to look that way, and who are not (fortunately for them) filled with the emotionally/mentally damaging body shame that afflicts so many people (and which has them lashing out at others for no good reason). Maybe the author of this piece ought to look inward, & wonder WHY they are so negative about these people; then go in for some serious therapy( about 50 years ought to do the trick)…geeze just grow up