The Best And Worst Of The Chinese Victoria’s Secret Show Knockoff

Students at China’s Chengdu University of Technology recently held a fashion show in which models wore designs that looked, curiously, exactly like what has been seen on the runway in Victoria’s Secret shows for years. But you know what? Some of them were awesome. Here’s a look at the best and worst.

[Images via Fashionista]

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    • Kj

      Well, the Snooki skin thing just goes to show you the cultural forces at work here… Snooki skin there = low class, ugly, etc and the reason that whitening creams (vs. self tanner) are so popular.

      Also… are you sure that these are from the most recent show?! I followed it (unfortunately) on this very website and didn’t recognize any of the looks. Not enough comic book/dragon stuff going on. Plus I don’t think TBanks has walked for a while.

    • CHeitlinger

      This is definitely racism at it’s finest.

    • boc

      Stop being racist. I say it was inspired and they both look equally hot.