The 12 Commenters You Meet Online

internet commenter

I really, really don’t believe in banning comments (and we will not do so at TheGloss as long as I am around) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like some commenters more than others.

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    • Cee

      Somebody really likes their pig feces

    • maggie

      that cat picture made my day

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I don’t normally read this site, but I found this post particularly mediocre and fraught with typos. More to the point, why are you such a bitch, Jennifer Wright?

    • holly

      Hahaha. Whales and funerals made my morning.

    • chris

      My favorite thing about this post was the photo on the top showing you kissing the liquor bottle. I know it’s unrelated, but SHINY HAIR.
      I can hardly stand comment sections as a reader – I can’t imagine writing an article and having to go through them. I know I’d get called a fat-fingered ho. Courage.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I do finger pilates all day long, like a maniac.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      You guys. This post is a blatant call for self-aware trolling. Get on it.

      • Kj

        You forgot the one that uses your article as a platform for self promotion.

        Not that I would know, because no one really comments on any of the photos at the AWESOME FLICKR SITE about my farm.

        Which is really their loss because the photos are awesome there and I’m sure everyone here would love them. I have taken so many wonderful photos and it’s a shame that no one appreciates them, maybe you people at theGloss will because you are all awesome and I think you would appreciate looking at pictures of cows and huskies and haunted portraits, etc.

        Also the farm is available for event rental such as weddings and if any readers are interested you can read about it at my AWESOME WORDPRESS SITEwhich I haven’t updated since January, but which contains awesome and useful information that everyone should read about immediately!

        ………….self aware trolling is exhausting.

      • Kj

        Aw, I wrote an epic self-aware trolling comment, but I think your server thought it was spam because it didn’t work out. (It kinda was spam >_>)

        I think this thing about not banning comments is lies, lies!! Booooooooooooooooooooo…

      • Jennifer Wright

        Y U SPAM SO HARD?

        What I like most about your REALLY AWESOME FLICKR SITE is the way the cow’s nose is pretty.

    • Amanda Chatel

      The cunt “insult” will always be in my top 10 favorites of all time…

    • MR

      Jennifer, does it help that I plan to go see ‘The Iron Lady’ tonight? :)

      • MR

        Jennifer, I did see the movie, and I liked it. But I’ll try to post it on your other posting, tomorrow. Man, she was strong.

    • G

      Almost of all of these types are trolls usually. Trolls are like Gremlins. If you get them wet they’ll inspire a string of positive but vulgarly-charged protege. And if you feed them after midnight you’re pretty much fucked.

    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      “That is the point of mimes.” I love this.

    • the emily

      I’ve totally left at least 2 comments about the awful grammar on this site. It’s true, but now I hate myself.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Some people don’t see awful grammar as such a bad thing.