21 Things You Shouldn’t Laugh At After You’re 30

Just because I’m 30 doesn’t mean I don’t giggle when someone says “just stick it in,” or happens to select a particularly large salami at the deli counter. And when people trip and fall down a few stairs, I know I shouldn’t laugh at them, but I can’t help it. I’m only human.

Look: just because I’m 30 doesn’t mean I’m any more more mature than I was when I was thirteen. In fact, now I’m much drunker than I was at thirteen, so it would make sense that I inappropriately giggle more often.

Here are 21 things you really shouldn’t laugh at after you’ve turned 30… but I do anyway.

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    • Maggie

      I was at the grocery store by myself the other day, and overheard the lady in line in front of me say “Look at the size of this pickle!” I laughed out loud, and got lots of dirty looks. I am only 23 though, so I guess I can keep laughing for another 7 years.

    • EJ

      you forgot anytime anyone says the word “duty”. Nothing kills me more than when someone says it in my weekly C-suite meeting. It’s so funny I want to die inside and then no one laughs and I want to die inside because everyone in that room is completely soulless if that word doesn’t make them laugh like Beavis.

    • S

      Once in college I was nervous, underslept and doing a presentation on an article by some guy named something like “Lipschitz”…once I said the guy’s name I burst into giggles in front of the whole class. Not my finest moment.

    • Linda

      The older guy behind the counter at Subway laughed when I ordered a foot long sandwich… I see the humor in it, I do, but I can’t be the only girl that’s ordered the five dollar foot long. I’m glad he gets a kick out of it though.

    • Jim S

      You’re 30? Hope you’re using birth control.

    • uhhh

      Who writes this crap? These looks like its written by a high school student.

    • uhhu