Chanel Ripped Off An Independent Designer And Basically Admitted It

Chanel (left), Love (right) via Grazia

Fashion critic Robin Givhan recently postulated that Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld may be spread too thin–we thought the Fall 2012 collection was pretty terrible and, more to the point, apparently not… entirely original.

Julie Zerbo, eagle-eyed blogger at The Fashion Law, spotted the crystal cuffs on models’ wrists and thought they looked mighty similar to styles by CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominee Pamela Love.

Another view:

Love (left), Chanel (right)

Often, when this sort of stuff happens–especially when the two parties involved are a fashion juggernaut and a smaller independent designer–the first response is usually deny, deny, deny. But, in an interesting twist, Chanel has effectively admitted to wrongdoing, as they told Fashionista they won’t be producing the cuffs:

QhFor the A/W 2012 collection, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the ‘mineral earth’ theme that explored amethyst, crystal and quartz. The theme was captured by the design of the show which included a runway of white granite sand, by the setting which featured huge crystal and amethyst columns, and by the clothing which was in earthy hues of purple, blue and gray. In keeping with the inspiration, large and colorful crystals also adorned some of the clothing and accessories, including heavy bracelets. It has been brought to our attention that some of the bracelets that appeared in the show may resemble those of another designer. Out of respect for the concerns raised and for the artistic process generally the House has decided not to offer these bracelets for sale as part of the A/W 2012 collection.

In a backwards way, it’s kind of commendable that Chanel won’t use its clout to bully Love and produce the bracelets anyway.

…In a regular way, it would be much more commendable if they hadn’t shamelessly stolen from a smaller designer in the first place. You know, “out of respect.”

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    • Flash Games

      nice thanx for share :p

    • Elizabeth

      Huh. I wonder who is the jewelry designer for that Chanel collection. I wonder if she is still a jewelry designer for Chanel.

    • KJones, Esq

      I’m not sure it was actually a copy. How many ways can you put pretty crystals on a bangle?!?!? Read more at:

    • madeleine gallay

      Let me think … stones on cuffs?

      It is hardly a copy and one has to admire the integrity of Chanel.

      A copy. No.

    • Michelle

      It is commendable that they decided not to offer the bracelets. They probably found out that who ever designed the bracelets had been inspired by Love’s design. Trust me they got their ass handed to them.

    • Kathleen the Great

      Wow. I have missed so much in the last few months, haven’t I? Like KJones and Madelaine I find i possible this was not an intentional copying, as this bracelet’s design concept is really, very simple.